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How to Geotag Your Pictures for SEO

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How to Geotag Your Pictures for SEO

Among the key components of effective SEO is EXIF data or optimizing image data. Every picture uploaded to your GMB(Google My Business) profile needs to be renamed - before uploading it. That's the inherent data used by Google for ranking your profile for specific keywords. This is why you geotag images for your website or GMB profile.

What's geotag? Geotagging has to do with a way of including a location for your image. Here, specific coordinates are used. And because ranking in local SERPs and GMB is dependent on your location, you must geotag your pictures to show up in search.

Why do You need to Geotag Your Images?

By adding geotag on photos, you'll get useful insight into the activities of consumers. This offers you analysis regarding how and where consumers interact with different brands - enabling your business to specialized messaging and offers.

Using images as one of your overall content mixes is ideal for search optimization. This is because pictures offer more opportunities for keyword signals on a page. They likewise provide better opportunities for ranking in search results, especially under Universal Search.

Again, images relating to places, represent more location signals. What this does to your website or business is that it makes it more relevant for all kinds of local searches.

How to Geotag Your Images 

Several web programs may help you with geotagging an image. You may utilize GMB(Google My Business) to coordinate your business. Simply right-click on the map marker and select 'Properties'. Now insert your image. The image will show up on the map as soon as a location is available. 

You may also boost SEO when you add more EXIF tags. This is optional. After completing the EXIF tagging, your geotagged picture is fit for download and use on your business site. Also, remember to utilize these geotagged pictures while signing up for similar directories for your business - like press release do services, social networking, and Google My Business. 

Tips While Working With Your Image Geotags 

Here are some tips for you while working on your geotags.

Putting a picture

Our eyes are intended to read from left to right, mentally and physically. Placing an image on the left half of your page, for instance, will attract the attention of the readers and keep them on your website.

Upload on relevant pages

You ought to only upload geotagged pictures on websites you want your audience to connect with your brand or business via the picture, for example, the testimonial page, landing page, contact page, homepage, and elsewhere you believe your guests should connect with your brand via the picture.

Include Alt-text

A substitute text in your picture significantly helps search engines to find your picture. It amounts to the image in HTML format. This is a fundamental SEO tool. Whenever you submit an image without alt text, web indexes won't recognize it. Notwithstanding, renaming permits search engines to get the content, informing them more about the picture.

Use GPS on pictures

GPS is presently accessible on almost all smartphones. In this way, ensure that they all have GPS while you are shooting pictures. This automatically includes the area and geological coordinates of your picture.

Use proper formats, compression, and dimensions 

Also make sure that your picture is of the right format and specification - like mpg, jpg, and so on. Large images will delay the load time of a page.


Adding geotags to your pictures is vital for boosting local SEO searches. Finding or recognizing a business in a specific area often leads to more sales. Always make good use of the opportunities geotag on photos offer.

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