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How do I find an email address for marketing?

How do I find an email address for marketing?

Sending your email campaigns to the right people is the only way it can be successful. Emailing marketing requires carrying out research and finding the right addresses to send your campaigns. For instance, if you want to carry out a campaign for a toy shop, you need to send your emails to target mothers and fathers.

Therefore, finding the right email addresses to send your campaigns will largely increase success. Read and learn how to find an email address for marketing campaigns.

Use a lookup tool

Using an email lookup service is a great way to find an email. You need to insert the correct email on the website and lookup tool will search for the address. There are some email lookup tools that offer free services. Meanwhile, the email lookup tools that are free offer limited pservices. You can opt for the lookup tools that offer premium services. Mind you, there is almost an endless list of email lookup tools, carefully choose the best.Visit this site for more on lookup email tools

Use Twitter

Most often, you can find email addresses on Twitter. Check the Twitter bio of your target, and you may find their email addresses. Also, you can use Twitter's advanced search to check for proper tweets for "at" and "dot".
However, you can ask the individual on Twitter for their email address politely. Send a direct message to your prospect requesting for their email address.

Subscribe to your prospect's newsletter

If you have searched the internet and can't find the email address of a prospect, subscribe to their newsletter. You will receive a newsletter from their email and you can grab from their. However, if you want the email address urgently, a newletter may take too time. Remember newsletters are sent to subscribers weekly or monthly.

Use Google

No doubt, Google is one of the biggest search engines in the world. There is barely any information you can't find on Google. Using Google to find an email address looks like an obvious tip, but I still had to highlight it because a few may not know. Go to Google Search and enter the name of the prospect. Their profile on any platform they have engaged will pop up.

Export connection using LinkedIn

Unfortunately not many people know that LinkedIn allows users to export their connection. Even if you are not connected to your propwxt on LinkedIn, you can still get connected. Like Twitter offers a great opportunity to get email details of propects. Within 10 minutes you can get the email address of your prospects on LinkedIn.


To find an email, you can also take an educated guess of the email you are looking for. For instance, if you know your prospects first name, you can take a guess and add “@”. This pattern may not be successful all the time. To easily find any email, use an email lookup tool. Also, you can use a combination of all the email finding methods here for an effective search.

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